BRICKS – 90 & 110 Series

We have fit for purpose bricks in 90 & 110 Series to suit your build.

Indent items only- lead times depending on selected brick enquire with your local branch for more information. 

90 Series (290mm long x 162mm high x 90mm wide)


Augusta Limestone 90


Florentine Limestone 90


Silverbirch 90


Blackwell 90

Longreach 90 Series (290mm long x 76mm high x 90mm wide)


Silverbirch Longreach 90


Florentine Limestone Longreach 90

Standard 110 Series (230mm long x 76mm high x 110mm wide)


Heritage Red 110


Heartlands 110


Leighton 110


Limestone Hue 110


Grey Pearl 110


90 Series
Augusta Limestone, Silverbirch, Blackwell, Florentine Limestone:
(290mm long x 162mm high x 90mm wide)

Longreach 90 Series
Silverbirch, Florentine Limestone:
(290mm long x 76mm high x 90mm wide)

Standard 110 Series
Heritage Red, Leighton, Grey Pearl, Heartlands, Limestone Hue:
(230mm long x 76mm high x 110mm wide)


– Augusta Limestone
– Silverbirch
– Blackwell
– Florentine Limestone
– Heritage Red
– Leighton
– Grey Pearl
– Heartlands
– Limestone Hue

Important note: Due to differences in computer screens and photographic conditions, the representations of the colours and finishes of our products on this website and on other display materials may vary. The natural raw materials the bricks contain as well as the kiln firing process creates variation in texture and colour from brick to brick.

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