Choosing Bricks

A step-by-step guide to finding your perfect clay brick. 

In the early stages of building there are lots of decisions to be made, so we’ve taken the stress out of it by giving you a step by step guide to successfully choose the right brick for you. 


Request a brochure or browse our extensive range online. 


Come and visit us at your local branch to view our displays and discuss your ideas with our friendly staff. If there are no display centres in your local area, give us a call to discuss your ideas and to request a sample.


Once you have narrowed down your choices enquire with your local branch about any possible homes in your area you could view.


Once you have choosen your bricks confirm your order with your local branch.


Now you know your brick colour take the time to talk to your bricklayer about mortar. Read more about the importance of the mortar and how to select the right one for you by clicking on the icon on the left. 


Enjoy living in your dream home.

Important note– No two clay bricks will be identical which is what creates such a unique and natural look. The natural raw materials they contain as well as the kiln firing process creates variation in texture and colour from brick to brick, as well as batch to batch. We recommend that all bricks be delivered at one time for your project to ensure they are all from the same batch.

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