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Painter Brick
Even though clay bricks come in a wide range of colours, sizes and textures, sometimes painting your clay bricks can create a unique look. We supply a variety of clay brick profiles suitable for painting in a variety of sizes.
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Render Brick
The look of plaster with the security of clay bricks. Our Maxi Render clay bricks have been made specifically to be plastered over in conjunction with our clay lintels provide an economical substrate.
The maxi series, which come in both 70mm and 90mm, provide a cavity between the clay brick veneer and the framing while allowing for any moisture to escape giving you peace of mind in your plaster home.


70 Series
Available in 3 sizes:
230mm long x 76mm high x 70mm wide
230mm long x 119mm high x 70mm wide
305mm long x 162mm high x 70mm wide

90 Series*
305mm long x 162mm high x 90mm wide
*indent orders only

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Brick Range

Explore our collection and you will find one of the most innovative brick ranges available in New Zealand to complete your project. (English)
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