Arowhenua Māori School

The Arowhenua Māori School is a fantastic illustration of what can be accomplished with some careful planning and a talented team of bricklayers. They’ve been able to create some amazing eye-catching displays inspired by nature for the children, teachers, and school community to enjoy.

The patterns laid using four different coloured bricks were designed to be reflections of mountains with flowing rivers to the sea and the weaving of flax baskets.

Simon Thelning who along with his team completed the project said they were challenged by the designs and had to come up with new techniques to ensure they achieved the patterns.

Both the architect and Ministry of Education are pleased with the end results, not just the effects that Simon and his team were able to achieve but also the high quality of the work too.

The Arowhenua Māori School recently won the silver award for the light commercial category in the Jim Matthews Supreme Awards presented by the Master Brick and Blocklayers to recognize and celebrate the achievements that skilled craftspeople using quality building products can achieve.


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