Mortar comprises about 15% of a clay brick wall surface and can dramatically change the overall appearance of your home simply by choosing a different mortar colour or joint style.
Mortar colour can be used to compliment or contrast with the brick. Complimentary tones give a more relaxed and harmonious feel, while contrasting mortar can be used to create a more formal, crisp and distinctive look.
For a maintenance free rendered look, oxide can be added to the mortar to match your clay bricks. This creates a very contemporary monochromatic finish.
Before you build your new home, discuss your ideas with your builder or a Midland Brick NZ representative.


The choice of mortar joint can be used to help create a casual, rustic or formal look to your home. Rolled joints create a clean contemporary finish and work well with nearly all clay brick styles.
Choosing a flush joint will give a flatter appearance and lighten the overall look of your brickwork. Whereas an inset, or square raked joint, can have a more dramatic effect by adding dimension and shadow to the look of your clay bricks.

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