Product Spotlight – Bernoulli Gardens

Situated at the lively Hobsonville Point, Bernoulli Gardens stands out with its beautifully rounded corners and saw tooth roofs.  The combination of the 5 apartment buildings surrounded with lush green spaces makes for a lovely suburban community. Which was how the architect hoped it would be, Martin King, registered architect from Ockham Residential, tells us. They wanted to find a way to make the best use of space for both the developers and the residence and I think they have done that perfectly. They decided to go with apartments over townhouses to better utilise the space and be able to increase the greenspace around the buildings.

The rounded edges give the buildings a softer appearance but also make them unique from the buildings in the area surrounding them. The saw tooth roofs are a call back to the times were Hobsonville Point was still a defence base, before it was begun its development into the community it is today.

When asked ‘why brick?’ Martin mentions the durability, low maintenance and longevity features of the clay bricks but more importantly he tells us he likes the instant texture a brick adds to a project. Clay bricks have a way of drawing people in with the need to touch them discovering their texture, giving the buildings that interactive feature. Designing 3 storey buildings in clay bricks gives them the ability to still look residential rather than the common industrial style appartments we often see.

They ended up doing ½ cuts of all the bricks on the curves to give it the best visual appearance. This added labour is worth it when you see the impact the curved walls have. Simply stunning.

Bricks Featured
Classic Range- Desert Oak
Elan Range- Hartlands
Euro Modus Range- Blanco & Ceniza

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